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Distribution Release: KaOS 2017.09

DistroWatch - Dom, 09/03/2017 - 01:45
KaOS is an independently developed Linux distribution which focuses on providing a polished collection of KDE/Qt-based software. The project's latest snapshot, KaOS 2017.09, features a hardened Linux kernel with Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR). The latest snapshot also includes the Nomad firewall utility and the Kooka scanner tool.....
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Distribution Release: Linux From Scratch 8.1

DistroWatch - Sáb, 09/02/2017 - 19:04
Bruce Dubbs has announced the release of Linux From Scratch (LFS) and Beyond Linux From Scratch (BLFS) 8.1. The new release of the book, which guides readers through building their own Linux distribution, offers many updated packages and several fixes over the previous 8.0 release of the Linux....
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OS Release: ReactOS 0.4.6

DistroWatch - Sáb, 09/02/2017 - 15:53
ReactOS is an open source operating system which strives to provide a binary-compatible alternative to Microsoft Windows. The ReactOS project has published a new version, 0.4.6, with a focus on improving hardware support: "0.4.6 is a major step towards real hardware support. Several dual boot issues have been....
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Development Release: Elive 2.9.8 (Beta)

DistroWatch - Vie, 09/01/2017 - 16:25
The Elive project is a desktop-oriented, Debian-based operating system. The Elive team has announced the release of a new development snapshot for Elive. The new beta carries the label Elive 2.9.8 and introduces a number of changes to make the system more efficient and convenient. "This new version....
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Development Release: Kubuntu 17.10 Beta 1

DistroWatch - Vie, 09/01/2017 - 02:12
Martin Wimpress has announced the availability of new testing release for participating Ubuntu Community Editions. The new development snapshot, 17.10 Beta 1, provides mostly feature complete installation media for Ubuntu testers. This beta is not recommended for use on production systems. "The first beta of the Artful Aardvark....
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Development Release: GhostBSD 11.1-BETA1

DistroWatch - Jue, 08/31/2017 - 23:58
The GhostBSD project develops a FreeBSD-based desktop operating system. The GhostBSD project has published a new beta snapshot based on FreeBSD 11.1 and is testing new support for VMware Workstation Guest Features. "This first beta of the development of GhostBSD 11.1 release is ready for testing. All MATE....
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Distribution Release: Linux Lite 3.6

DistroWatch - Jue, 08/31/2017 - 15:04
Jerry Bezencon has announced a new release of Linux Lite, a beginner friendly Linux distribution based on Ubuntu and featuring the Xfce desktop environment. The new version, Linux Lite 3.6, makes it easier to select nearby software sources for faster downloads and includes a new way to search....
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Distribution Release: BlackArch Linux 2017.08.30

DistroWatch - Jue, 08/31/2017 - 00:50
BlackArch Linux is an Arch Linux-based distribution designed for penetration testers and security researchers. The project has announced the availability of a new snapshot of the distribution. The new ISO image carries the version number 2017.08.30 and the distribution's blog provides the following release announcement: "Today we released....
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Distribution Release: Bodhi Linux 4.3.0

DistroWatch - Mar, 08/29/2017 - 22:03
Jeff Hoogland has announced the release of a new version of the lightweight Bodhi Linux distribution. Bodhi ships with the Moksha desktop (a fork of Enlightenment) and is available in three flavours: Standard, AppPack (offering more applications) and Legacy (for older computers). The project's release announcement reads: "Today....
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Distribution Release: Emmabuntus 8-1.03

DistroWatch - Mar, 08/29/2017 - 03:11
The Emmabuntus project has announced the release of an update to the project's Debian-based edition. The new release will probably be the last to be based on Debian 8 "Jessie" as the new version, likely to arrive in September 2017, will be based on Debian 9 "Stretch". "This....
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Distribution Release: Redcore Linux 1708

DistroWatch - Lun, 08/28/2017 - 19:27
Ghiunhan Mamut has announced the release of a new snapshot of Redcore Linux, a rolling release desktop distribution based on Gentoo. The new snapshot offers several package upgrades and new fixes. "This release focuses on polishing the overall look'n'feel and out of the box experience of the distribution.....
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DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 727

DistroWatch - Lun, 08/28/2017 - 02:09
This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Review: Cucumber Linux 1.0News: DragonFly BSD prepares HAMMER2, Ubuntu's transition to GNOME, a free hardware phone running Debian, SUSE reaffirms their commitment to Btrfs, GNOME's new settings panel, Nimbusoft sells Ubuntu Budgie computersQuestions and answers: Using Flatpak vs SnapReleased last week: Black Lab....
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Distribution Release: Raspberry Slideshow 9.0

DistroWatch - Dom, 08/27/2017 - 21:48
Raspberry Slideshow is a distribution focused on being a quick-to-set-up platform for displaying image and video files on Raspberry Pi computers. The project has released version 9.0 of Raspberry Slideshow, which is based on Raspbian "Jessie". "Underlying Raspbian Jessie operating system updated (I tried to switch to Raspbian....
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